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Operation Sealords

The following links are to the Naval Historical Center publication "By Sea, Air, and Land, an Illustrated History of the U.S. Navy and the War in Southeast Asia." 

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Table of Contents

Dedication, Foreword

Chapter 1: The Early Years, 1950 - 1959

-Passage to Freedom
-Development of the Vietnamese Navy

Chapter 2: The Era of Growing Conflict, 1959 - 1965

-The Crises in Laos
-U.S. Naval Advisors and the Vietnamese Navy
-U.S. Navy Direct Support
-Expanding Operations into North Vietnam and Laos
-Gulf of Tonkin Incidents
-The Conflict in Transition

Chapter 3: The Years of Combat, 1965 - 1968 (140K)

-The Naval Command in Southeast Asia
-The Carrier Force
-Rolling Thunder
-Amphibious Landings in South Vietnam
-Bombardment from the Sea
-Coastal Interdiction
-The Naval Command in South Vietnam
-River Patrol
-Riverine Assault Force
-The Naval Advisory Effort
-Civic Action
-The Navy's Logistic Support of the War
-Naval Support Activities

Chapter 4: Winding Down the War, 1968 - 1973 (60K)

-The SEALORDS Campaign
-Allied Navies on the Offensive
-Vietnamization of Naval Operations
-Task Force 77 Operations
-Allied Surface Warfare
-Vietnamization Completed
-Countering the Easter Offensive
-Withdrawal from the War

Chapter 5: The Final Curtain, 1973 - 1975

-Naval Evacuation of I and II Corps
-Eagle Pull
-The Fall of South Vietnam


bulletU.S. Navy Medal of Honor Recipients
bulletSecretaries of the Navy and Key Naval Officers
bulletCarrier Deployments to Southeast Asia
bulletNavy Aircraft Codes, 1964 - 1975
bulletEnemy Aircraft Shot Down by Naval Aviators in Southeast Asia
bulletGlossary of terms
bulletSelect Bibliography

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bulletSoutheast Asia
bulletThe Coast of North Vietnam
bulletIndo China
bulletRolling Thunder Route Packages
bulletSouth Vietnam
bulletThe Mekong Delta
bulletThe SEALORDS Operational Theater


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