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This is not a complete listing.. we’re still searching.  If you can help us find more of our departed comrades please let us know. If you can help us update the information below or if you know of someone not on this list please email me at

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"May fair winds, following seas, and our thoughts, always be with them."




CTF-117 RivFlot One

The below personnel are not completely identified by the unit they were serving with at the time of their demise… all we know is they were part of TF-117


5/12/69 SN David J. Boron, Cleveland, OH. Province (Go Cong)

3/31/69 SN Donald L. Bruckart, Redlands, CA. Province (Kien Tuong)

8/18/68 BM3 Stephen C. Brunton, Ukiah, CA. Province (Dinh Tuong)

1/31/69 ENFN Ronald Chapman, Columbia, MS. Province (Gia Dinh)

3/2//68 RMSN Michael A. Evenson, Lakota, ND. Province (Phong Dinh)

6/7/69 SN Curtis L. Hendrickson, Winger, MN. Province (Long An)

4/29/69 EN3 Richard L. Keller, Lomita, CA. Province (Chuong Thien)

11/12/68 GMG2 James A. Myers Jr., New Harmony, IN. Province (Kien Giang)

5/4/68 BM3 Charles L. Perry, Columbus, OH. Province (Dinh Tuong)

2/23/69 SN Nicholas I. Pyle, Columbus, OH. Province (Hua Nghia)

2/16/69 SN Nelson Ramirez, New York, NY. Province (Hua Nghia)

3/9/68 SN Eugene E. Swift, Hyattsville, MD. Province (Bien Hoa)

4/29/69 FN Terry N. Thompson, Gulfport, MS. Province (Chuong Tuong)





7/23/68 BM1 John F. Bobb, Erlanger. KY. ASPB-91-4 Province (Kien Hoa)

11/10/68 GMG3 Sammy J. Cross, Hominy, OK. M-91-2 Province (Kien Hoa)

12/23/68 BM2 Wallace Going, Watson, OK. A-91-5 Province (Bien Hoa)

9/27/67 Marc S. James, New York, NY. M-91-1 Province (Kien Hoa)

9/27-67 SN David DuWayne Knowles, Eatonville, WA. A-91-? Province (Kien Hoa)

9/27/67 BM3 Wiselee Smith, San Francisco, CA. A-91-? Province (Kien Hoa)

2/1/68 BM2 William M. Comer Jr., Larned, KS. A-91-2 Province (Dinh Tuong)

7/23/68 FN David A. Pearson, Tonawanda, NY. A-91-4 Province (Kien Hoa)

1/10/69 EN3 Daniel L. Westlie, Augusta, WI. T-91-1 Province (Dinh Tuong)

4/4/68 FN Douglas G. Morton, Phoenix, AZ. M-91-3 Province (Kien Hoa)


River Assault Sqd-9

3/9/69 BM2 Jackie R. Morgan, Oklahoma City, Province (Tay Ninh)


RIVER SQUADRON - 9 - River Assault Division - 92


12/21/67 FN Frank H. Buck, Wenohah, NJ. T-92-10 Province (Dinh Tuong)

2/6/68 Samuel M. Boyce, Dardanelle, AR. Province (Vinh Long)

4/4/68 BMC Samuel C. Chavous Jr., Cross City, FL. M-92-2 Province (Kien Hoa)

8/2/68 SN Charles H. Dellinger, Gibsonia, PA. T-92-8 Province (Phong Dinh)

4/4/68 FN Douglas G. Morton, Phoenix, AZ. M-92-2 Province (Kien Hoa)

4/4/68 BM3 John D. Woodard, Clyde, NC. M-92-2 Province (Kien Hoa)

4/12/67 SA Michael J. Smith, Kansas City, KS, Rivdiv-92 Province (Ding Tuong)

3/18/68 LT David H. Wyrick Alliance, OH. M-92-1 Province (Ding Tuong)



River Assault Sqd -11

12/16/68 BM3 Charles L. Kneece, Chillicothe, OH. Province (Kien Hoa)

3/1/68 BM2 Leslie E. Murray, Chehalis, WA. Province (Phong Dinh)

8/21/68 BM1 R.D. Sullivan, Centerville, TN. Province (Dinh Tuong)


RIVER SQUADRON -11- River Assault Division 111

11-11-68 FN Eddie Adams Hadley, MA. A-111-1 Province (Dinh Tuong)

11-11-68 SN Theodore Harrison, Chicago, IL. A-111-1 Province (Dinh Tuong)

9/15/67 SN Richard A. Cheek, Oregon, IL. Province (Ding Tuong)

5/10/68 BM2 Kenneth A. Carroll, Oley, WV. Province (Go Cong)

5/9/68 BM3 Roy A. Cox, Ft. Worth, TX. T-111-7 Province (Dinh Tuong)

9/15/67 SN William T. Diamond Jr., Ottawa, IL. Province (Dinh Tuong)

5/26/68 BM2 Ronald W. Durbin, Cumberland, MD. ASPB-111-1 Province (Kien Hoa)

MIA 11/1/68 EN3 Harry J. Kenney, Cincinnati, OH. USS Westchester LST-1167 Province (Go Cong)

2/27/68 BM3 James L. Lien, SD. ASPB-111-4 Province (Ukn)

9/15/67 EN3 William H. Little, Weymouth, MA. Province (Dinh Tuong)

7/23/67 EN2 Charles S. Roy, Rock Springs, WY. CCB-111-1 Province (Dinh Tuong)

2/7/68 EN3 Maynard L. Smith, Troy, KS. ATC-111 Province (Vinh Long)

2/27/68 BM1 Jeider J. Warren, Castor, LA. ASPB-111-4 Province (Ukn)

12/21/67 RMSN Frederic P. Webb, Redmond, OR. ASPB-111-4 Province (Dinh Tuong)

5/26/68 RM3 Jerry L. Williams, Picher, OK. ASPB-111-1 Province (Kien Hoa)


River Squadron -11- River Assault Division-112


5/24/68 FN Frederick V. Arens, Jr., Boston, MA,  ASPB-112-1, Province (Go Cong)

7/11/67 BMC HowardW. Bannister, Delbarton, WV. M-112-1 (1st 117 KIA) Province (Long An)

8/18/68 BM3 Stephen C. Brunton, Ukiah, CA. Province (Dinh Tuong)

3/14/68 SN Robert W. Cawley, Butte, MT. T-112-7Province (Quang Tri)

8/18/68 GMG3 Edward R. Darville, Hialeah, FL. Province (Dinh Tuong)

8/18/68 RM3 Patrick J. Griffin, Topeka, KS. Province (Dinh Tuong)

3/14/68 BM1 Edward J. Hagl, McAllister, MT. T-112-7 Province (Quang Tri)

12/4/67 FN Adrain E. Howell, Lucedale, MS. Province (Dinh Tuong)

3-14-68 EN3 Frankie R. Johnson, Toppenish, WA. T-112-7 Province (Quang Tri)

12/4/67 FN Robert J. Moras, Escanaba, MI. Province (Dinh Tuong)

3/1/68 BM2 Leslie E. Murray, Chehalis, WA. Province (Phong Dinh)

3/14/68 FN Eugene Nelson, Lugoff, SC. T-112-7 Province (Quang Tri)

3/14/68 SN Joseph S. Perysian, Oak Lawn, IL. T-112-7 Province (Quang Tri)

8/18/68 BM3 Billy D. Roy, Oklahoma City, OK. Province (Dinh Tuong)

3/14/68 BM3 Ernest W. Wiglesworth Jr., Greensboro, NC. T-112-7 Province (Quang Tri)



River Assault Squadron-13


River Assault Squadron-13- River Assault Division – 131

2/6/69 SN Mark Siedentopf, Fremont, CA. T-131-? Province (Kien Hoa)

3/12/69 RD3 Felton L. Mims, Dallas, TX. T-131-8 Province (Go Cong)

8/28/69 BM1 Richard E. Martinez, Renton, WA. ATC-131-1 Province (Dinh Tuong)

3/15/69 BM2 Harvey Lee Basco, Arlington, LA. Province (Go Cong)

2/26/70 EN2 Norman K. Byassee, Litchfield, Park, AZ. Province (An Giang)

8/2/68 BM2 William R. Taylor Honolulu, HI. T-131-9 Province (Chuong Thien)

River Assault Squadron -13- River Assault Division –132

2/22/69 EN2 Victor McCall, Brevard, NC. T-132-6 Province (Kien Hoa)

5/24/69 SN Ronnie G. Klomstad, Rochester, MN. T-132-10 Province (Bien Hoa)

9/15/69 RMSN Terry D. Mason, Toppenish, WA. Province (Tay Ninh)

12/30/69 BMC Doyle H. Parson, Weeping Water, NE. Province (Bac Lien)

11/17/69 LtJg James F. Rost Jr., Malverne, NY. Province (Vinh Long)

12/1/69 ENC Ernest E. Ritch, Xenia, OH. Province (Vinh Binh)



River Squadron -15- River Assault Division -151

1/21/70 BM3 Ronald S. Athanasiou, Jacksonvillle, TX. ATC-151-36 Province (Hau Nghai)

12/27/68 SN Barry M. Barber, Las Vegas, NV. Province (Kien Giang)

1/21/70 ENFN James C. Baumer, Huron, OH. ATC-151-36 Province (Hua Nghai)

1/14/69 BTFN Jose P. Campos, Seguin, TX. T-151-5 Province (Chuong Thien)

4/21/69 EN3 Thomas W. Gaudet, Salem, NH. T-151-3 Province (Chuong Thien)

2/28/69 BM2 William A. Hanna, Ft. Smith, AR. Province (Ving Long)

1/14/68 SN David A. Land, Wichita, KS. T-151-5 Province (Chuong Thien)

6/1/69 EN3 Iris H. Harrington, Iowa, LA. T-151-1 Province (Long An)


River Squadron -15- River Assault Division -152

2-20-70 GMG-3 Donald Hartzell, T-152-? Province (Kien Giang)


River Squadron -15- River Assault Division -153

12/11/69 FN. Joseph F. Benak, Jupiter, FL. Province (Tay Ninh)

12/11/69 BM3 Larry R. Dameron, Burlington, NC. Province (Tay Ninh)

11/4/70 EN3 Bruce C. Hunt, South Pasadena, CA. Province (An Xugen)

8/23/70 QMC James R. Hunt, Columbus, IN. Province (Go Cong)



River Assault Group 21/23

1/21/71 GMG1 Samuel H. Barnett, Washington, PA. Monitor Province (Quang Nam)



River Assault Interdiction Detachment -70

1/7/71 BM2 Robert L. Paynter, Jerseyville, IL. Tango-1258 Province (Kien Giang)

1/7/71 LT William C. Vasey, Doylestown, PA. Tango-1258 Province (Kien Giang)



River Assault Interdiction Detachment -71

7/27/71 EN2 Clifford F. Dowling, Portland, OR. Province (An Giang)

6/24/69 GMG1 Delbert E. Weber, Lakeland, FL. Province (Kien Tuong)



Commander Task Group -194.7

None Known



Commader Task Group-194-9

1/8/70 EM1 James C. Mitchell Jr., Torrance, CA.



USS Askari ARL-30

12/3/67 MR1 John R. Ruoho, Florence, WI. (Off Shore)

7/21/70 DCFN Scott F. Wemette, Malone, NY. Province (Ukn)



USS Benewah APB-35

7/19/67/ SN Sandy Rivers, Phildelphia, PA. Province (Phuoc Tuy)

9/25/69 FN Lonnie Parker, Bessemer, AL. Province (Gia Dinh)

11/11/70 SN John E. Hollis, Apple Spring, TX. Province (Kien Phong)

11/28/69 RD1 Michael Lynn Ferguson, Rockwood, TN province (Kien Phong)



USS Colleton APB-36

5-3-69 SN Edward N. Barr, Brevig Mission, AK.



USS Krishna ARL-38

7/1/69 SFP3 Richard Garza Jr., San Jose, CA. Province (Kien Giang)



USS Tom Green County LST-1159

1/21/69 CSSN Raymond J. Krekelberg, St. Paul, MN. Province (Bien Hoa)

1/21/68 CS2 Ray L. Sharp, Ridgeway, MI. Province (Bien Hoa)

11/29/68 FN Stephen C. Sharp, Houston, TX. Province (Quang Nam)



USS Mercer APB-39

11/22/68 CS1 Thomas E. Sheppard, Lake Worth, FL. Province (An Giang)



USS Nye County LST-1067

11/22/66 SA James R. Willeford, Hartford, IL. Province (Ukn)



USS Outagamie County LST-1073

11/28/67 FA James E. Young, Houston, TX. Province (Quang Tri)



USS Tutuila ARG-4

2/24/70 ICC Ernest L. Brown Jr., Clarksville, TN. Province (Vinh Binh)

2/23/68 EN3 Thomas W. Hill, Baltimore, MD. Province (Phouc Tuy)

2/23/68 SFC Horris G. Robinson, Charleston, MS. Province (Phouc Tuy)

2/23/68 LT. John L. Saunders, Philadelphia, PA. Province (Phouc Tuy)

2/23/68 GMGC Allan F. Sullivan, Loudon, NH. Province (Phouc Tuy)



USS Westchester County LST-1167

11/1/68 SA Jackie C. Carter, San Jose, CA. Province (Go Cong)

11/1/68 SK1 Richard C. Cartwright, Jamestown, OH. Province (Go Cong)

11/1/68 QM2 Chester D. Dale, Capitan, NM. Province (Go Cong)

11/1/68 RD3 Keith W. Duffy, Yonkers, NY. Province (Go Cong)

11/1/68 SMSN Timonthy C. Dunning, Santa Ana, CA. Province (Go Cong)

11/1/68 PN2 David G. Fell, Van Wert, OH. Province (Go Cong)

11/1/68 ETN2 Thomas G. Funke, Coeur D' Alene, ID. Province (Go Cong)

11/1/68 RM3 Gerald E. B. Hamm, Camden, AR. Province (Go Cong)

11/1/68 SN Floyd W. Houghtaling III, Canajoharie, NY. Province ( Go Cong)

11/1/68 SK1 Aristotoles D.B. Ibanez, Philippines, Province (Go Cong)

11/1/68 YN1 Jerry S. Leonard, Greensboro, NC. Province (Go Cong)

11/1/68 RM3 Joseph A. Miller Jr., Lebanon, PA. Province (Go Cong)

11/1/68 RM1 Rodney W. Peters, Grants Pass, OR. Province (Go Cong)

11/1/68 YN3 Cary F. Rundle, Aldan, PA. Province (Go Cong)

11/1/68 RM3 Reinhard J. Schnurrer Jr., St. Paul, MN. Province (Go Cong)

11/1/68 QM2 Thomas H. Smith, Markesan, WI. Province (Go Cong)

11/1/68 CS1 Anthony R. Torcivia, Easton, PA. Province (Go Cong)




7/11/70 FN Glenn E. Maier, Bismark, ND. Province (Kien Hoa)




MIA 7/27/68 CS1 Ward K. Patton, Fontana, KS. Province (Vinh Long)




2/26/70 EM3 Ronald S. Bay, Phoenix, AZ. Province (An Giang)

2/26/70 EN3 Robert L. Fallows, Charlotte, NC. Province (An Giang)

2/26/70 RM3 Frank B. Glendenning, Bethany, MO. Province (An Giang)

2/26/70 CS3 Archie C. Wabschall III, Hood River, OR. Province (An Giang)



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