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Thanks to QM3 Bruce Holdsworth for the following photos:

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Another day defending Democracy.JPG (280165 bytes) Been there.JPG (396542 bytes) BM1 Coker and crew.JPG (116578 bytes)
1. Another day defending democracy 2. Been there 3. BM1 Coker and crew
boats.jpg (250451 bytes) Captured Weapons.JPG (255989 bytes) ceremony.jpg (300960 bytes)
4. Boats 5. Captured weapons display 6. Ceremony for what?
FWD 4X40.JPG (170173 bytes) Gunny, Me, Bob Zinn.JPG (270044 bytes) I think we ate this one.JPG (286152 bytes)
7. Forward 4X40mm 8. Gunny, Bruce Holdsworth, Robert Zinn 9. I think we ate this pig
I'm watchin you.JPG (138733 bytes) Look busy the Capt is watching.JPG (251326 bytes) noah.jpg (248718 bytes)
10. I'm watching you 11. Look busy, the captain is watching 12. QM3 Noe
Ok, I give up.JPG (158403 bytes) qm.jpg (235393 bytes) Radioman, help us all.JPG (293701 bytes)
13. Ok, I give up 14. Quartermaster 15. Radiomen, help us all
scan0063.jpg (246318 bytes) Signalman (2).JPG (123616 bytes) Signalman duh.JPG (104507 bytes)
16. Forward 40mm mount 17. Signalman 18. Signalman
Storming the beach with the medical team.JPG (250307 bytes) This is scarry.JPG (178876 bytes) Too Cool For School.JPG (117447 bytes)
19. Storming the beach with medical team 20. This is scarry 21. Too cool for school
VT Ferry.JPG (261583 bytes) We'll take a large pizza with everything on it.JPG (253519 bytes) Who let them out.JPG (217650 bytes)
22. Vung Tau ferry 23. We'll take a large pizza with all the fixin's 24. Who let them out
With med dent team.JPG (296845 bytes) Me in Vietnam.jpg (95206 bytes)  
25. With Med Dent team on a Tango boat 26. Holdsworth QM2, Noe QM3 and Bob Zinn QM3 (thanks to Lynden Noe for this photo)  


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