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USS Benewah Photos

Albert B. Moore served on the USS Benewah as a 1st Class Petty Officer from 1966-1968.  He is the current President of the Mobile Riverine Force Association, a national organization of current and former Navy and Army personnel who fought and/or supported the joint Army/Navy Mobile Riverine Force operations during the Vietnam War.

Photos courtesy of Albert B. Moore unless otherwise indicated.   If you took one of the photos below and you believe you have not been properly credited, please email me.

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apb1.jpg (18060 bytes)   apb2.jpg (19965 bytes)   apb10.jpg (28586 bytes)
(1) 5 June 1967 - A month and a half after arriving in-country   (2) Benewah 1967   (3) Summer 1967 Vung Tau Harbor - First landing of a Helo on the USS Benewah
ATCHeloFirstLanding.jpg (23239 bytes)    apb12.jpg (22317 bytes)   apb3.jpg (31958 bytes)
(4) July 5, 1967, First Light Observation Helo Landing on an ATC(H) (Refueler 92-1). Photo courtesy of Al Breininger.   (5) Summer 1967 near Dong Tam.  First landing of a Huey on an ATC(H) (Refueler 92-1)   (6) December 1967,  Compliment of River Assault Craft alongside.
apb5.jpg (23240 bytes)   apb4.jpg (8889 bytes)   apb11.jpg (28090 bytes)
(7) January 1968   (8) February 1968   (9) 9 July 1968 - 10,000th Helo Landing on the Benewah
apb15.jpg (16496 bytes)   apb16.jpg (7677 bytes)   apb17.jpg (13223 bytes)
(10) Little Creek, VA (2/67), 2 months before arriving in Vietnam.   (11) Sunset, Spring 1969. Photo courtesy of Don Blankenship (A-111-3)   (12) Benewah coming alongside the USS Hector (AR-7), circa June or July, 1970, off Vung Tau. Photo courtesy of GMG2 Don Blankenship from Hector Cruise Book.
apb18.jpg (22394 bytes)   apb19.jpg (23153 bytes)   Trausneck1.jpg (79208 bytes) 
(13) Benewah, USS Sphinx and others rafted to USS Hector for repairs. Photo courtesy of GMG2 Don Blankenship from Hector Cruise Book.   (14) Benewah, USS Sphinx and others rafted to USS Hector for repairs. Photo courtesy of GMG2 Don Blankenship from Hector Cruise Book.   (15) Photo collection courtesy of Donald Trausneck QM3 USS Benewah APB-35 1966-68
Trausneck2.jpg (77549 bytes)    Trausneck3.jpg (69663 bytes)    Trausneck4.jpg (66008 bytes) 
(16) Photo collection courtesy of Donald Trausneck QM3 USS Benewah APB-35 1966-68   (17) Photo collection courtesy of Donald Trausneck QM3 USS Benewah APB-35 1966-68   (18) Photo collection courtesy of Donald Trausneck QM3 USS Benewah APB-35 1966-68

More Photos from yesteryear

Commissioning Crew USS Benewah 1946.jpg (59521 bytes)    BenewahInPI.jpg (39160 bytes)   apb6.jpg (35882 bytes)
(19) 1946 Commissioning Crew   (20) Benewah, ready to become a coral reef after serving as a hospital ship in PI   (21) 1967 - Mobile Riverine Force operations map.   Civil War cannon adds link to past riverine operations.
BenewahNewportNews1961.jpg (102888 bytes)   hit2.jpg (5035 bytes)    6Benewah Philadelphia 1967.jpg (11464 bytes) 
(22) At Newport News ship yard in 1961 to the right of the carrier.   (23) 75 mm Recoilless Rifle round hits the Benewah   (24) Benewah in Philadelphia, 1967
6PUC Ceremony MRF-TF-117 Dong Tam July 1969.jpg (47966 bytes)        6Larry HidbraderIC3Dec1967USSBenewahVungTau.jpg (14426 bytes) 
(25) Boats pass in review at PUC Award Ceremony July 6, 1969       (27) IC3 Larry Hidbrader coming aboard Benewah in Vung Tau in 1967.  Photo courtesy of John Speery.
6General O'Mar Bradley USA 1967 Benewah.jpg (23746 bytes)    6General Westmorland June 1967 USS Benewah.jpg (37723 bytes)   6Sideboys1967.jpg (36757 bytes)  
(28) Omar Bradley (Gen. USA Ret) visits Benewah, 1967   (29) Gen. Westmoreland visits Benewah in 1967   (30) Welcoming party for Gen. Westmoreland
Omohundro ripped.JPG (34990 bytes)    mrfflag.jpg (40417 bytes)     PaulPhoneLoRes.jpg (33538 bytes)
(31) LTJG Omohundro ripped. (1969) Photo courtesy LTJG Paul Ferguson.   (32) Can you not help but take pride in the Flag we served under in Vietnam?  Photo courtesy of Ed Gaertner.   (33) LTJG Paul Ferguson, Operations Officer from 11/68 to 11/69 plus Staff Comm. Officer for CTF117 (Captain Carvel Blaire)  6/69 until 11/69
1st APB.jpg (178774 bytes)    APB35Launching.jpg (16794 bytes)   NCO-Club Vung Tau.jpg (9687 bytes)
(34) USS Yolo, the first APB   (35) Launching of USS Benewah, APB-35   (36) NCO Club, Vung Tau
Art Work Padre Raymond Johnson.jpg (26156 bytes)   General Fulton.jpg (20764 bytes)     APB-35Newfoundland1952.jpg (37823 bytes)  
(37) Art Work by Padre Raymond Johnson / Doc and Chaplain MRF-TF-117 66-69   (38) Brigadier General William B. Fulton receives Distinguished Service Cross aboard Benewah, 9/67    (39) Benewah in Newfoundland in 1952
BenewahNaples1955.jpg (30837 bytes)     BenewahleavingPearl1967.jpg (25694 bytes)   PlanoftheDayN1.jpg (79793 bytes)PlanoftheDayN2.jpg (46877 bytes)
(40) Benewah in Naples, Italy in 1955   (41) Benewah leaving Pearl Harbor 1967   (43) Plan of the Day, pages 1 and 2

See also Donald Trausneck's Photo Collection (Page 2, 3 & 4)

Thanks to Paul Nemitz for the following seven photos of the Benewah in Naples in 1954

benaw11.jpg (34345 bytes) benaw12.jpg (29926 bytes) benaw13.jpg (34591 bytes)
benaw14.jpg (31655 bytes) benaw15.jpg (23893 bytes) benaw15.jpg (23893 bytes)
  benaw17.jpg (31051 bytes)  

Schlitz beer?  Yuck.  Smart Navy chief's make sure that stuff goes to the officer's mess.  (Typical Wednesday beer party late 1968 or early 1969)

Standing, from the left: Tom Sparkman, EMO; Bill Teare, Dentist; Bob Spradling, Engineering Dept.?; Rod Fitch, Communications Officer; Mark Griffith, XO (deceased); Don Tennant, Supply Officer; Marshall Stowell, CO; Ralph Michna, Engineering Dept.; Bill Hearn, Supply Dept.

Crouching, from left; Bob Roth, Engineering Officer; Paul Ferguson, Operations Officer; Tom Hallinan, Deck Officer (? is that the correct name? - he headed up the deck force. Was that also known as First Officer? It's been a long time. Anyway, his nickname was "Boats". (Thanks to Paul Ferguson for identifying everyone)

Photo courtesy of Tom Sparkman


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apb7.jpg (26072 bytes)   apb8.jpg (20575 bytes)   apb14.jpg (26987 bytes)
(A) Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Washington DC 1995   (B) Lone Sailor Navy Memorial Washington DC 1995   (C) Speakers table at MRFA Reunion June 1998.  The Flag flew over the Benewah during TET 1968.
MRFA Monument Ft Snelling...jpg (47460 bytes)    monument.jpg (37782 bytes)    MRF Plaque.jpg (42463 bytes) 
(D) Memorial Day 2000, dedication of the MRF Memorial at Ft. Snelling National Cemetary   (E) Close up of the MRF Memorial Monument   (F) The MRF Monument Plaque
Bag Pipers.jpg (33220 bytes)    chaplain.jpg (11882 bytes)    Speaker Crd E.T.jpg (32856 bytes) 
(G) The Bag Pipers   (H) The Chaplain's Invocation   (I) Speaker:  CDR E.T. Lindberg, USN Ret., RivRon 11
Speaker Roy Moseman.jpg (24874 bytes)    Mike Clark.jpg (27476 bytes)    9th Division Memorial.jpg (14537 bytes) 
(J) Speaker Roy Moseman S/Sgt 4th-47th, 9th Infantry Division   (K)Memorial Coordinator Mike Clark, 9th Infantry Division   (L) The 9th Infantry Memorial Monument
ftsnelling7.jpg (8475 bytes)    CadyMooreStuart.jpg (20842 bytes)     BenewahCrewFrontAlCady-Tom StuartBackRowJerryWeissAlMooreDonaldDoubleday.jpg (15168 bytes) 
(M)  MRFA President Albert Moore and John Sperry   (N) L-R: Al Cady, Al Moore, and Tom Stuart   (O) Front: Al Cady and Tom Stuart, Back: Jerry Weiss, Al Moore and Donald Doubleday
GeneralHughesCookieman.jpg (34585 bytes)   PaulFergusonBobRoth.JPG (1778665 bytes)    
(P) General Patrick Hughes and the Cookieman   (Q) Paul Ferguson, Former Ops Officer and Bob Roth, Former Engineering Officer    


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