Unit Awards


USS Benewah (APB-35)
Unit Awards

Unit Award Merit Start Merit End Award
Vietnam Service 21-Apr-1967 04-Mar-1969 VS
Navy Unit Commendation 19-Jun-1967 19-Dec-1967 NU
Navy Unit Commendation 12-Jan-1968 16-Jan-1968 NU
Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry 29-Jan-1968 02-Mar-1968 RG
Presidential Unit Citation 29-Jan-1968 04-Mar-1968 PU
Navy Unit Commendation 05-Mar-1968 24-Jan-1969 NU
Combat Action Ribbon 21-Mar-1968 - CR
Combat Action Ribbon 15-Apr-1968 - CR
Combat Action Ribbon 03-Nov-1968 - CR
Presidential Unit Citation 25-Jan-1969 02-Mar-1969 PU
Vietnam Service 07-May-1969 26-Nov-1970 VS
Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry 07-May-1969 - RG
Combat Action Ribbon 16-Jul-1969 - CR
Meritorious Unit Commendation 25-Aug-1969 16-Nov-1969 MU
Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry 21-Dec-1969 - RG
Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry 01-Jan-1970 21-Nov-1970 RG
Navy Unit Commendation 01-Jul-1970 26-Feb-1971 NU
Combat Action Ribbon 17-Aug-1970 - CR



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